Eve Harmony

Imagine a dating service when there are only two people in the world.  Your choices would be a little bit limited.  Enjoy!


Leaving God the Leftovers!

This little video may get you thinking about your own priorities and where God fits in your life:

Back Talk Rap Up

A hip-hop (sorta) look a kids and back talk.  This made me laugh on several levels!

How Good is Good Enough?

In our post-modern culture, this video looks at all the different ways people try to get to heaven and the only way that really works:

Baptism by the Water Cooler

All I can say about this one is it doesn’t help the cause of Christ to be “that guy!”

Rockin’ Kids Music

No more of those boring kids songs. Come enjoy these remakes of classic kids song with a classic rock feel. Enjoy it with your kids:

Praying With Kids

Tim Hawkins looks at why some bedtime prayers may not be altogether appropriate for kids, and he doesn’t even get into the theology of this one. 🙂