Children’s Ministry Articles

CHildren Ministry Articles

When I first started Dad in the Middle (back when it was called Wayne’s Random Thoughts) I wasn’t exactly sure what direction it would take. I knew that I wanted to use it in my Bible study and to capture important things in my life. As time has passed, this blog has taken a definite turn towards issues of Children’s Ministry (which falls into the things that are important to me category). That has sprung a number of series including:

  1. 5 Things Kids Must Know About Sin
  2. Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol
  3. Children’s Ministry Moments
  4. Come Ye’ Children (A Synopsis)
  5. Shepherding A Child’s Heart (A Synopsis)
  6. Top Ten Christian Books for Kids
  7. Questions Kids Ask

In addition to these series, I have also written a number of other posts related to Children’s Ministry. So, I started this page to keep track of those articles.

  1. The Scary Prospect of Working with Children [04/10/2009]
  2. Old Testament…New Ideas (Jelly Telly’s Books of the Bible Series) [05/01/2009]
  3. Children Desiring God – A Summary of the 2009 National Conference [05/02/2009]
  4. Teach Your Kids Bad Theology: A How-to Guide – [05/09/2009]
  5. Children’s Ministry Think Tank [05/12/2009]
  6. Bible Shorts [05/16/2009]
  7. Update…Children Desiring God 2009 National Conference [05/20/2009]
  8. 30 Ways to Get Connected with Your Kids [05/22/2009]
  9. 8 Reasons to Get Involved in Children’s Ministry from Psalm 78 [06/10/2009]
  10. 22 Ways to Teach Kids HOW to Think And Not Just WHAT to Think [06/19/2009]
  11. Why We Do What We Do (God’s Guidance in Little Voices) [06/28/2009]
  12. My 30 Favorite Children’s Ministry Blogs (Presented by The Blog Patrol) [07/02/2009]
  13. Best Devotional Book for Kids [07/03/2009]
  14. Do You Know Whether Your Child is Saved? [07/07/2009]
  15. The Ultimate Goal in Children’s Ministry [07/08/2009]
  16. What If Cartoons Could Worship? [07/25/2009]
  17. ABC’s of Children’s Ministry [08/05/2009]
  18. 15 Things I Learned from Vacation Bible School [08/11/2009]
  19. The Power of a Story [08/13/2009]
  20. Psalm 55:22 (Seeds Family Worship) [08/22/2009]
  21. Dear God…You Rock! Amen! [08/25/2009]
  22. I’m watching you Dad [08/29/2009]
  23. You’re Losing Us! [09/03/2009]
  24. I’m Busy! Do I Have Time To Care for God’s Children? [09/08/2009]
  25. Talking to Kids About Death [09/15/2009]
  26. Evidence [09/19/2009]
  27. Psalm 23 [09/26/2009]
  28. Best of the Best – Children’s Ministry Internet Resources [09/29/2009]
  29. Teaching Kids How To Pray (Children’s Ministry Think Tank) [10/05/2009]
  30. Give up Yer Aul Sins [10/10/2009]
  31. When God talks Creation Rocks [10/24/2009]
  32. Praying With Kids [10/31/2009]
  33. The Age of Accountability (Children’s Ministry Think Tank) [11/06/2009]
  34. Rockin’ Kids Music [11/07/2009]
  35. Top Ten Children’s Ministry Blogs [11/10/2009]
  36. Top Ten Non Children’s Ministry Blogs That Those in Children’s Ministry Should Follow [11/11/2009]
  37. Next Ten Children’s Ministry Blogs (#11-20) [11/12/2009]
  38. Children’s Ministry Blogs – Up and Comers and Consistent Contributors [11/13/2009]

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