Blog Series

As I’ve begun to write more and more articles for this blog, I find myself with more and more to say about certain topics.  This has led me to start to numerous series of articles.  This page is a way to keep track of all of these.  So, the following are all of the current or finished series of posts included in Wayne’s Random Thoughts:

three-red-hearts-clipartA Love That Surpasses All Knowledge (A Biblical Definition of Love)

This series take a look at love from a biblical perspective starting with some background information then examining the definition of love from 1 Corinthians 13.

Childrens_Ministry_MomentsChildren’s Ministry Moments

Anyone who works in Children’s Ministry knows that there are moments. There are moments of clarity, moments of frustration, moments of humor and moments that just take you aback. This series captures some of the moments I have been part of with both my kids and the kids in my classroom. Enjoy!

chs-grayCome Ye’ Children – A Synopsis

This series is a chapter-by-chapter synopsis, along with my personal observations, of the book Come Ye’ Children by Charles Spurgeon. The book is subtitled “A Book for Parents and Teachers on the Christian Training of Children” and is recognized as one of the most valuable books ever written on the subject the Christian training of Children. It has been used in seminaries since Spurgeon penned it for instructing students on the conversion of children.

I BelieveI Believe…

This series looks at my beliefs about various issues including scriptural references for each belief.

cross-pictureMonday Morning Prophecy

This series looks week by week at some of the hundreds of Old Testament prophecies fulfilled in the birth, life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Shepherding A Child's HeartShepherding A Child’s Heart (A Synopsis)

In this series, we look chapter by chapter at one of the best books on parenting available today.  That book, written by Tedd Tripp, is titled “Shepherding a Child’s Heart.”  Any parent interested in the best way to raise their kid(s) should definately check this synopsis and this book.

QuestionQuestions Kids Ask

This series looks at questions that have been posed to me by kids either from my own four children or from kids I work with in Children’s Ministry. The theological insight revealed in the questions I get from kids always amazes me!

BIbleWhy I Believe the Bible

William Tyndale once said that “a plough boy with the Bible would know more of God than the most learned ecclesiastic who ignored it.” This series looks at 25 reasons for believing that the Bible is the inerrant word of God.


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