Next Ten Children’s Ministry Blogs (#11-20)

Childrens Ministry Blog Patrol

As introduced Tuesday, this week we are looking at the top blogs for those in CHildren’s Ministry based on their inclusion in The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol.

Here’s a look at where we’ve been and where we’re going:

These were numbers 11 through 20 of the Children’s Ministry Blogs included in The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. The fact that these are in the second ten instead of the top ten is merely a function of statistics. Many of these would be in my own personal top ten if I had just picked based on which ones I enjoy reading the most!

Orange Families


Orange Families

Orange Families is based on the Orange movement in Children’s Ministry to integrate families into the teaching of biblical truths. This blog is written by Adam Flynt who heads up the Family Ministry at Access Church in Jacksonville, FL. The articles on this sight deal with all aspects of Children’s Ministry,

Cap City Kidz


Cap City Kidz

Cap City Kidz is the blog of the Children’s Ministry of Capital City Church in Columbus, Ohio (yea Columbus!). The articles are written by Staci Inskeep who is the Kids Pastor at the church. The articles cover issues ranging from general parenting to teaching advice. Many of the posts are specific to Capital City Church, but those that are more general are definitely worth a read!

Jonathan Cliff


Jonathan Cliff

Jonathan Cliff is the Children’s Ministry Pastor at Trinity Church in Lubbock, TX. He describes himself as “an Abnormal Children’s Pastor in many circles, as I’m not a big fan of puppets or magic tricks that cause things to spontaneously burst into flames.” And, to that, I say Amen! His articles cover issues of theology, kids in general and children’s ministry.

Glen Woods


Glen Woods

Glen Woodsis a part-time volunteer Children’s Pastor. Recently, he decided to go a slightly different route with his blog. As he explains, “Rather than simply try to offer a treatment on a range of topics of interest to children’s ministry workers and leaders, I have begun to shift to a narrative treatment of my story as it unfolds, both in terms of my recollection of past experiences, and in relation to current events. Sometimes it might be whimsical. More often it will deal with heart level stuff.” Thus far the results have been very edifying to me as I thoroughly enjoy reading this blog.

Childrens Ministry Online


Children’s Ministry Online

Children’s Ministry Online is the Blog of Kenney Conley. Kenny Conley is is the Next Generation Pastor at Gateway Community Church in Austin, Texas. He started his blog to fill a void in quality Children’s Ministry blogs, and he has accomplished that. The stated purpose of his blog is to be “about the proliferation of ideas, strategies and solutions for today’s children’s ministry.”

Gina McClain


Gina McClain

Gina McClain is the LIFEKids Pastor at the Oklahoma City, OK campus of (their largest campus). Her blog deals with practical issues in Children’s Ministry with a focus on having a vision.



JC is Online

JC is Online is the blogging home of JC Thompson. JC is the Elementary Production Director at Brookwood Church in Simpsonville, SC. His blog includes reviews of various resources, deals with issues of Children’s Ministry and is one of the more aesthetically pleasing Children’s Ministry blogs I’ve come across. He also mixes in a healthy dose of “just for fun” items that you won’t want to miss.

Ryan Frank


Ryan Frank

Ryan Frank is the children’s pastor at Liberty Baptist Church in Sweetser, Indiana. He is the creator of KidzMatter Inc. and the publisher of K! Magazine. Ryan also serves on the board of directors for the International Network of Children’s Ministry and the American Children’s Ministers’ Association. (I stole that from his site – no sense recreating the wheel.) His articles delve deep into issues related to Children’s Ministry.

Just Pudge


Just Pudge

Just Pudge is the blog home of Pudge Huckaby. Pudge is the Greenville Campus Children’s Director of NewSpring Church in Greenville, SC. This blog tends to include a lot of video entries.



CM Connect

CM Connect is a gathering place online for those involved in Children’s Ministry.  I can’t say enough about all the great features and possibilities.  In terms of blogging, CMConnect has a great place called “Everyone’s Blog.”  Here anyone registered with CMConnect can make a blog posts.  Due to the varying background and experience of the contributors, this blog offers a variety of different perpectives.


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  2. […] Next Ten Children’s Ministry Blogs (#11-20) […]

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