The Age of Accountability (Children’s Ministry Think Tank)


The latest Children’s Ministry Think Tank was just published over at I contributed my thoughts to the question again this installment along with several others involved in Children’s Ministry.

The question for this installment was:

“What do you teach about concerning a child’s condition (sometimes called age) of accountability for responding to the Gospel? How would you counsel a parent who is concerned about a preschool aged child who seems disinterested in learning about Jesus? If you had to estimate (and you do), what is the chronological age that most children become fully accountable for their decision about Christ?”

There are a lot nuances to this questions and different opinions. You can get to the post by clicking on this link or clicking on the logo above. Let me know what you think!

Where do you fall on this issue? Do you think there is a so called “Age of Accountability?” How would you define it? Any personal experiences you want to share about your kids?


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