ClockOK, so during my recap of my Go Dark week ( I mentioned that I had written a poem during one of my drives to work.  OK, I didn’t actually write it during the drive.  I came up with it during the drive and wrote it down later.  Maybe I never should have mentioned it, but since I did, here it is.  I call it:


God was around before the start of days.
And he created man on the sixth day.
Man sinned and fell on a fateful day.
Then man rejected God for a lot of days.
So, God dwelt amongst them for a few days.
Jesus died on the cross on a bad day.
He rose and conquered death on the third day.
And he went back up to heaven after forty days.
Now, we still sin against him every day,
But he’ll be coming back again someday.
So, it’s time to get right with him today.
So we can live with him past the end of days.

If you haven’t yet, make the choice today to allow Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior.  Admit your sin and that you need him, and ask him to apply the payment he made on the cross to your life.  If you are a Christian, make sure that you are living your life to his glory.  God Bless!


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